Bruno - 28/Sep/89 -> 17/May/98

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Barking at self
Picture 1
Just a few photos and memories of a dear friend who passed away after a short illness on Sunday night, May 17th. Bruno was my parents' dog, but he always had a special place in my heart.

Special memories include:

  • The day we picked him up, and he travelled home looking back over my shoulder at the brothers and sisters he was leaving, and dribbling over my jumper
  • The early days
    • flea infestation on the first night, they were soon shown the door
    • not on the furniture - the first Christmas was spent as a goalie trying to save this little bundle of fun from leaping onto the sofa.
  • The inquisitive Bruno - from his nose buried in an empty coffee mug, to the car key chewer (picture 4), to the tree stump digger.
  • Bruno the destroyer - next to nothing was safe - squeaky toys stood no chance, even rope toys were shredded. The Kong survived, as did the solid plastic ball which was too big for his mouth...
  • Bruno the adventurer - he loved his walks, around the local fields, swimming in his water hole, and the sea.
  • Bruno the poser - point a camera at him, and he knew - and would just turn and give that look (pictures 2,3 and 5)
  • Bruno the bouncer - the welcome was always enthusiastic, and you had to be ready for him when you opened the door as if you were a regular you'd get bounced.
In summary, Bruno was a great friend, who battled against the adversity of epilepsy for much of his life, but despite his problems was always glad to see friends.

On his last day I was glad to be able see him, although he definately wasn't himself he was still able to greet me with a wag of the tail and his trademark licks. However, his breathing was laboured, and he looked completely exhausted - and most noticeably he wasn't interested in going for a walk. Thankfully, he didn't seem to suffer, and the pain was soon over - the memories we'll keep will be the happy ones, and I hope that whereever he has gone he's being the Bru we all remember and causing trouble whereever he goes !!

Bruno the poserYou taking MY picture
Picture 2
Picture 3
Upside down, eating keys!
Picture 4
What do you mean, Not allowed on the furniture
Picture 5

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